Bi-Folkal Program Kit

Remembering Working Life

Most of us have spent most of our lives working. Use this kit to gather the stories of paid jobs and work done at home or on the farm. Individually our work experiences are an important part of each of our lives. Taken together they provide a perspective on the work life of a nation.

Remembering Train Rides

Not too long ago trains criss-crossed this country, whizzing passengers to their destinations. Now one songwriter worries about the day his young son will ask him, "Daddy, what's a train?" This kit is "ideal for intergenerational study of train rides themselves or the myriad topics that, like trunk lines, branch out from it." Donna Barkman, in Learning from the Past.

Remembering The Home Front

Three generations of Americans now living have been directly affected by World War II--the veterans of the war and the home front, their parents, and their baby boom children. Now is the time to share and compare experiences, insights, and attitudes about that war, and war in general.

Remembering The Depression

"This kit is unique because it fosters a sense of importance for the plight of the individual in the Depression, it encourages the viewer to be a living historian, and it does not compromise on quality of depth by trying for a simplistic presentation. I have shown the program to the young and the old and combinations thereof. It always meets with enthusiasm and a visible deepening of historical understanding...," Dr. Ronald Manheimer, Director, Center for Creative Retirement, UNC Asheville.

Remembering Summertime

Conjure up home remedies for common summer ailments such as sunburn, poison ivy, bee stings and insect bites. Trace summer vacation routes on a map. Get some lemons and make real old-fashioned lemonade. And sneak in some sparklers. Reminisce about summertime with this kit.

Remembering Spring

Every year, just when we've had enough winter, spring arrives. The season officially begins on a day in March when the night and day are of equal length. Then according to old songs and legends, wonderful things happen very suddenly. The birds appear in the northern regions, the flowers burst into view, and young men and young women fall in love automatically. That's according to old songs and legends. You'll have to check with the people in your groups to find out the truth.

Remembering School Days

The best way today's children can find out what life used to be like is from yesterday's children. The Great Slate Escape explores the memories of the narrator's grandmother, who started school in a one-room schoolhouse, went to a city high school and college, remembers Chautauquas, and continues to learn.

Remembering Pets

Here is a warm and fuzzy reminder of the animals who have found a place in our homes and hearts. But even those who don't love animals usually have stories about why they don't. Dog and cat owners like to debate the relative merits of their pets. Music, skits, pictures, and readings are all designed to prompt lively conversation.

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