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Briggs Lawrence Public Library
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Jay Burton
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Job Description

The Briggs Lawrence Public Library seeks a new Library Director. Working in conjunction with the Fiscal Officer, the director oversees the library’s strategic and daily operations.

Qualified applicants are invited to submit the following:

  1. Cover letter
  2. Resume

Application materials should be submitted electronically in PDF format to the following address:  or mailed to Southeast Regional Library System Attn.: Jay Burton, 252 W 13th Street, Wellston, Ohio 45692

Review of applications will begin immediately and continue until October 7, 2022. This is a full-time professional position.

Salary: $67,000 - $75,000 depending upon qualifications.

Health benefit costs are negotiable.

Paid annual vacation, sick time, and personal days.

Paid membership in professional library organizations.

Set in the rolling green hills of Southeast Ohio, the library has locations in Ironton, South Point, Chesapeake, Proctorville and Symmes Valley.

Lawrence County has a rich history and active communities, and the public library proudly embraces its role of serving all community members (approximately 65,000 residents) at all stages of life.





Minimum Qualifications:

A Master’s Degree in a field that lends itself to administration of a public agency, including Library Science, Information Technologies, Management or Business Administration, or master’s degree in Administration of other public services.

Requires experience in public agency administration.

Requires a minimum of five (5) years of supervisory/management experience.

Requires the willingness to work a varied schedule, which may include weekends and evenings.

Requires a valid driver’s license, access to a car, and willingness to travel on library related business.


Desired Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities:

  • Ability to manage a multi-outlet county agency.
  • Working experience in a bargaining unit environment, mediation, arbitration, and administrative hearings.
  • Knowledge of library public services, public relations, and program development.
  • Ability to establish and monitor quality (performance based) measurements.
  • Management and organizational skills, conducive to long range planning, tactical planning, goal setting and achieving deadlines.
  • Ability to lead and evaluate studies and information determining the feasibility of new facilities.
  • Ability to prepare and manage budgets and public finances.
  • Ability to communicate effectively, both orally and in writing.
  • Ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships with library staff members, other libraries, community organizations, volunteers, patrons, and local, state, and federal officials.
  • Ability to coach other members of the management team in areas of employee leadership, problem solving, progressive discipline and working in a union environment.
  • Requires an understanding of computers and Internet systems.


Responsibilities: To the Board

  • Acts as the Chief Administrative Officer for the Library System.
  • Recommends policies and advises the Board on operational, staffing, and fiscal matters.
  • Develops plans for new facilities, oversees new construction and renovation projects, and works with construction professionals to ensure compliance with codes, laws, specifications, and contracts.
  • Conducts the directives and policies of the Board effectively, with little required involvement from Board members.
  • Provides data and information on operations that need improvements and submits reports as needed on the progress of activities.
  • Assists in the orientation and education of Board Members and maintains confidentiality of all Board matters.
  • In consultation with the Board, develops short term and long-range plans for the library.
  • Acts as the designated representative of the Board, and assists Board legal counsel as required, in collective bargaining, mediations, arbitrations, hearings and other legal matters and meetings.
  • Informs the Board of disciplinary issues, conducts pre-disciplinary hearings and recommends disciplinary actions for the consideration of the Board.
  • Informs the Board of vacancies or the need for new positions, prepares and revises job descriptions, conducts pre-hire interviews and recommends applications for hiring for consideration by the Board.
  • Administers wages and benefits according to policies established by the Board. Negotiates benefit plans and makes recommendations on benefit plans to the Board and to the Clerk Treasurer
  • Working in collaboration with the Clerk Treasurer, develops and recommends annual budgets and assists in administering expenditures within budgetary constraints.


Responsibilities: To the Library Patrons

  • Assures that the library provides the highest quality collection of materials which meets the needs of the public within the resources available.
  • Assures that the library staff is responsive to the patrons and deals with them in a pleasant and professional manner.
  • Assures that the library environment is pleasant, and the services and facilities are easy to use and meets the patron’s needs.
  • Assures that the library’s branches are open and adequately staffed to serve the public on the days and hours advertised, with consideration given for natural or man-made disasters.


Responsibilities: To the Library Staff

  • Determines staffing levels and recommends the hiring of the personnel necessary to meet those needs.
  • Administers the relationship with the bargaining unit.
  • Assures that personnel are properly trained and promotes individual development
  • Establishes an organizational arrangement which assures effective communications and delegation of work and responsibilities.
  • Assures there is a fair and effective process for staff counseling and disciplinary actions and that proper personnel record are maintained.
  • Assures that wages and benefits are administered in accord with policies established by the Board.
  • Provides responsive leadership and fairly represents the staff and staff concerns to the Board.


Responsibilities: For the Library’s Facilities

  • Manages relationships with building contractors and suppliers to assure that the library receives efficient and economic services.
  • Works with management and supervisory staff in all buildings to assure that the physical facilities, grounds, and equipment are properly maintained, updated and safe for use.
  • Negotiates contracts with vendors for required services subject to Board approval.
  • Evaluates and develops plans for achieving the effective allocation and utilization of building space to meet the changing needs of the library.
  • Ensures that Library contracts for insurance are sufficient and up to date.


For the Library’s Collection and Programming:

Delegates to the Librarians and Branch Managers the responsibility of administering the library’s collection of materials that is consistent with the following:

  • Local, state, and federal governmental requirements,
  • Within the guidelines of any grant/funding requirements
  • Board Policy and Procedures
  • Cooperates with the Librarians and Branch Managers to assure that the materials selected:
  • Meet the needs of the patrons and represent a judicious expenditure of funds
  •  Are properly cataloged and shelved and easily available to patrons
  • Are maintained through an effective and reasonable weeding program to use the shelf capacity of the library in the most effective manner possible
  • Promote the implementation of automation and new technologies in library services, including circulation processes and new formats of materials
  • Delegates to the librarians and branch managers the responsibility of administering the library’s programs to the public, including programs to seniors, adults, young adults, and children,
  • Provide the optimum opportunities for community participation in Library programs within the framework of established budgets
  • Encourages visits to the library from both traditional and non-traditional users for educational, informational, and entertaining activities and events.


For the Library’s Public Relations

  • Maintains contacts with county, city, and school officials to assure that good relationships and communications are maintained.
  • Works with librarians, branch managers and other staff to keep the public informed about library services and activities using in-house web resources, social media and publications, newsletters, handouts, brochures, flyers and through the local media such as newspapers, radio, and television where possible.
  • Assures that good communications and relationships are maintained with the library’s neighbors.
  • Assures that the library participates in professional library organizations and partnerships
  • Acts as the Library representative to SERLS, the State Library of Ohio, the Ohio Library Council and to any cooperative arrangements with other libraries or organizations.
  • Represents the Library through participation in local service organizations, such as the Chamber of Commerce.


Performs Other Duties as Required or Necessary.

The Executive Director’s position is dynamic by nature, responsible and accountable for the efficiency and effectiveness of all operations of the Library System, as such are approved and set forth by the Board of Trustees and the State of Ohio.

JOB CLASSIFICATION:            Contract

SUPERVISED BY:        Board of Trustees