Mini Kit - Aprons

Bi-Folkal Productions

People don't wear aprons like they used to. But there are aprons on many of the women--and some of the men--in our memories.

SLIDES/TAPE. "Apronstrings." This collection of aprons and the stories that they (or their owners) might tell will prompt many more stories from your group, and maybe some aprons, too. 46 slides in a carousel tray with a 14-minute narration.

HANDOUTS. Aprons. Here are 25 copies of a four-page handout including a photograph, reminiscence, sing-along song, and sketches for discussion.

TWO SKITS. Conversations between a mother and daughter. "The Attic" and "At the Bazaar." Three large-print scripts for each.

LEADER'S GUIDE. How to use each item in the kit, discussion questions, piano music, ideas and resources for more (and more) programs on aprons. (24 pages)

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