Mini Kit - Christmas

Bi-Folkal Productions

Best for programs in December. It's for remembering Christmas past and planning for Christmas next at any time of the year. This is a cool program topic for July-the perfect time to start making those new decorations and gifts!

SLIDES/TAPE. "Open for Christmas." This audiovisual extravaganza features holiday traditions, celebrations, and bright lights from all across America. It closes with a song composed just for the purpose. 80 slides in a carousel tray with a 12-minute narration.

ACTIPHILE. A dozen activities ready to photocopy and use over and over again. A song, craft project, season's greetings in 20 languages, holiday trivia, a game, nametags, and more.

SKIT. Two opposing theories of Christmas shopping go up against each other in "Are You Ready for Christmas?" Three large print scripts. 

MANUAL. This is a great present to give yourself for planning programs all year long to remember Christmas traditions and celebrations past, and to prepare for Christmas future. (100 festive pages)

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