Mini Kit - Friends

Bi-Folkal Productions

Long-ago and faraway friends are with us in our hearts and memories. This program will help bring them back and keep them close. And it will provide a warm environment for discovering new friends. This is just the thing for your volunteer recognition event!

SLIDES/TAPE. "An Album of Friends." Here is an introduction to a discussion of all kinds of friends--old friends, newly-discovered friends, casual friends, understanding friends, and friends on call. The cassette offers an accompaniment of music and poetry. 20 slides in a carousel tray with a 6-minute narration.

HANDOUTS. "Remember Me When This You See." This four-page handout includes songs, poetry, quotations, and autographs-all designed to prompt friendly discussion.

THREE SKITS. Three short skits are in the form of "Telephone Calls Among Friends." Four scripts for "The Friendly Neighbor" and three each for "The Day After" and "The Loan."

LEADER'S GUIDE. How to use each item in the kit, discussion questions, piano music, ideas and resources for warm and friendly programs. (20 pages)

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