Mini Kit - Memorial Day

Bi-Folkal Productions

"We live as long as we are remembered." This Russian proverb is a comforting thought. And it's the reason we think that any day--or every day--is a good time to celebrate those who have made a difference in our lives. Especially these days.

Write postcards to those who share your memories. Talk and write about everyday heroes. The activities, photographs, and discussion ideas are just the things to memorialize those who we never want to forget.

SLIDES. Twenty slides will take you to a Memorial Day parade, program, and picnic. The set features historical photos, some color and some black-and white with appropriate objects in red, white, and blue. A script for the slides is included in the Leader's Guide.

ACTIPHILE. There are photocopy masters for thirteen activities. Choose from a story, choral reading, nametags, postcards, newspaper account of Decoration Day in 1872, events that happened on May 30th in history, a special BINGO game, and more.

PICTURE SET. Twelve historical photos focus on three themes: "Memorial Day, Anywhere, USA," "During World War II," and "At the Arlington National Cemetery." Discussion questions in large type accompany each picture.

LEADER'S GUIDE. A six-page guide includes a script to read along with the slides, discussion questions, program ideas, and suggested resources.

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