Remembering African American Life

Bi-Folkal Productions

"The lessons of the past can help to create a more promising future," Dr. Samuel DeWitt Proctor, The Substance of Things Hoped For. That's why this Bi-Folkal program kit was created--to prompt memories and discussion. This complete program package is stuffed with everything you need to do a program--or a whole series of programs--with almost any group in your community. Each kit piece has been chosen to highlight the contributions of African Americans so that these accomplishments will be honored by people of all ages and cultures.

SLIDES/TAPE or VIDEO contain two media presentations. Shirley A. Page has taught school in Philadelphia for 43 years. In "Aunt Shirley's Trunk" she shares her trunk full of things she's saved and the stories that go with them. She provides a model for any individual or group to look for the meaning in their own mementos. "The Faith of Dr. Samuel Proctor" is based on his book, The Substance of Things Hoped For: A Memoir of African American Faith. When Dr. Proctor was asked why he wrote his book, he responded, "I want to leave blacks with hope, courage, and inspiration. I want to leave others with a sense of understanding and appreciation for who we are and what we've done." We believe he succeeded. 140 slides in a carousel tray with a 14-minute narration. 41-minute videotape. (c.1 VHS, CD, DVD) (c.2 VHS, DC, DVD)

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