Remembering Automobiles

Bi-Folkal Productions

They stay with us forever, the cars of our youth. Who can't name their family's first car? Who can ever forget the car in which he or she learned to drive--its color, its bulk, its very odor? Rev up for a fast-paced discussion of cross-country trips in other decades, first cars, favorite cars, perhaps even a fender-bender. Help each person write an auto-biography! Talk about women drivers and teen-age drivers and mature drivers. You oughta have an auto program with your group.

SLIDES/TAPE or VIDEO. You Oughta Have An Auto! provides a chronology of the automobile in America. It begins with the turn-of-the-century shout of Get a Horse! and continues to a modern rush hour traffic jam. The program closes with a look back at the very special cars in our family albums. 80 slides in a carousel tray with a 20-minute taped narration. 15-minute videotape. DVD and Audio CD (Copy 1) (c.2 VHS)

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