Remembering Birthdays

Bi-Folkal Productions

Another birthday? Celebrate! Each candle represents a year, with all of the work and play, sadness and joy, laughter and tears that it took to live it. Each birthday offers an opportunity to reflect on those years, and to make plans for the candle to come. So, many happy returns This kit offers a wide variety of ideas for discussion, celebration, and fun. Use this kit with intergenerational groups and families to promote understanding of what aging is all about. Help stamp out those tired old over the hill jokes.

SLIDES/TAPE or VIDEO. Celebrate! Birthdays Past, Present and Future, Anticipated, Memorable, Forgettable and Fun with poetry, music, international traditions, and plans for the next year. 80 slides in a carousel tray with a 10-minute narration. 10-minute videotape.

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