Remembering County Fairs

Bi-Folkal Productions

There was a time in a more rural America when the fair offered the opportunity for days off from work to show off a year's work raising animals, sewing, crafting, preserving, baking. A time to learn about new things, to play games, to see friends and neighbors. Recapture that time. Consider working on a project for next year's fair. Plan a field trip. With this kit, everyone can go to the fair!

SLIDES/TAPE or VIDEO. "Step Right a Blue Ribbon Fair" takes a stroll through a recent county fair, visiting the animal and commercial exhibits, the projects, the rides and games, and special events, with special attention given to the fair food. 80 slides in a carousel tray with a 20-minute taped narration. 18-minute videotape. (Audio CD c. 1) (c.2 & c. 3 VHS only)

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