Remembering The Depression

Bi-Folkal Productions

Voices from the Depression nears its conclusion with these words: "And Franklin D. Roosevelt would be back again in 1940. But not before the Depression made a hero out of every sufferer who made it through. Your history needs to be shared. At the least, younger people will feel proud to be your children. At the most, your insights can provide a survival handbook for tomorrow."

"This kit is unique because it fosters a sense of importance for the plight of the individual lin the Depression, it encourages the viewer to be a living historian, and it does not compromise on quality of depth by trying for a simplistic presentation. I have shown the program to the young and the old and combinations thereof. It always meets with enthusiasm and a visible deepening of historical understanding...," Dr. Ronald Manheimer, Director, Center for Creative Retirement, UNC Asheville.

SLIDES/TAPE or VIDEO. Voices from the Depression describe in story and folk song how people made it through hard times. The 29-minute narration is divided into five sections, each followed by a question and an invitation to share experiences. 140 slides in a carousel tray. 29-minute videotape. Audio CD (copy 1).

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