Remembering Home

Bi-Folkal Productions

This kit can take people to the "places where they like to be"--in their memories, in their dreams, in their imaginations. Once there, the goal is to discover what there is about our dream homes that may be transferred to the places where we are now. What is at the "heart of home" for each of us? A favorite item, photograph, texture, sound, scent, or taste may come from the past to make someone feel more at home in the present. We all need a place where we feel comfortable, where we feel "at home." We hope that this kit will help your group members to find those places for themselves--and to find those feelings in the places where they are.

SLIDES/TAPE or VIDEO. The media offers a blueprint for helping the people in your group build the homes of their dreams in their imaginations. Using their memories of places they have lived, visited, or seen on TV or in the movies, they can design just the right home for the way they want to live today. The topics of everyday living and home and family life offer much opportunity for thoughtful discussion. 80 slides in a carousel tray with a 14-minute narration. 13-minute videotape. DVD and audio CD (copy1).

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