Remembering Train Rides

Bi-Folkal Productions

Not too long ago trains criss-crossed this country, whizzing passengers to their destinations. Now one songwriter worries about the day his young son will ask him, "Daddy, what's a train?"

"Ideal for intergenerational study of train rides themselves or the myriad topics that, like trunk lines, branch out from it." Donna Barkman, in Learning from the Past.

SLIDES/TAPE or VIDEO. Punctuated with music, sound effects, and interview quotes All Aboard! takes viewers on a whistle-stop tour of train rides. This one goes from Chicago to Minneapolis in 1977. Visuals of scenery, depots, and train cars--inside and out--evoke the feelings of anticipation, friendliness, and pleasure that many people associate with railroad travel. The kit includes 80 slides in a carousel tray with a taped narration. 12-minute videotape. Audio CD (copy 1).

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