Expeditions AR/VR

Expeditions AR/VR STEM Kit contents

With the Expeditions AR/VR kit, it’s never been easier to explore the world and learn about history, science, the arts, and nature in virtual or augmented reality. Virtual and augmented reality technology removes the constraints of space and time, allowing you to explore the world virtually and bringing to life abstract concepts. Whether you're roaming with dinosaurs, visiting outer space, or marveling at Renaissance sculptures, this immersive education app includes something amazing to explore for every subject.

This kit contains everything needed to host AR/VR events for 20 or more people, at your library. 

*Length of loan for this kit is 1 week.

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  • 20 Android Smartphones with Expeditions App Installed
  • 20 VR DSCVR Headsets
  • 20 Selfie Sticks
  • TP-Link 5GHZ Router
  • Teacher Android Tablet
  • 2 60W 10-Port USB Chargers
  • 20 Charging Cables
  • 20 Cleaning Cloths
  • Pelican Storage Case
  • Resource Binder


Additional Resources Available Online


VR Tours

Virtually explore an art gallery or museum, swim underwater, or navigate outer space, without leaving the room using mobile devices and VR viewers.


AR Tours

View and walk around 3D objects as if the objects were physically in the room using mobile devices.


How to Use Your DSCVR Headset


This STEM Kit was made possible in part by the Institute of Museum and Library Services.


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