Squishy Circuits

Squishy Circuits uses circuit-building materials to teach simple concepts of electricity. Battery packs deliver electricity through conductive dough and powers LEDs, buzzers, and motors. Students can squish, mold, and sculpt the dough all while engaging in the academic disciplines of science, technology, engineering, and art.

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In general, Squishy Circuits is a very safe activity. However, please note the following safety guidelines:

  • The battery packs should never be shorted out (letting the wire/terminals touch each other directly). Squishy Circuit brand battery holders have safety features that prevent overheating, but with other battery holders they will quickly warm up and could cause burns if shorted. When doing any electrical project, batteries should never be shorted directly.
  • LEDs should not be hooked directly to the battery packs. They will burn out and may pop. LEDs require a resistor to limit the amount of power flowing through them. With Squishy Circuits, the conductive dough acts as the wire and a resistor, so they're safe to use with the dough.


This STEM Kit was made possible in part by the Institute of Museum and Library Services.


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