The Science of Superpowers

The world of comic books is full of heroes, villains, challenges and triumphs — and the heroes need help! Ready to see just what it takes to be super? In this enrichment program from PCS Edventures!, students answer the call for aid by dissecting superhero skill-sets to uncover the science behind super powers.


The STEM Play Kit contains the Block Play, Water Play, and Active Play sets with everything needed to introduce basic science, engineering, technology, and math topics to children new to STEM.


With the GraviTrax interactive track system, you can design and build your own race tracks and experiment with gravity, magnetism and kinetics to propel your gravity sphere to the finish.

Keva Planks

KEVA teaches a basic understanding of physics and engineering concepts. Physically handling the blocks builds a fundamental understanding of quantities, equality, geometry, balance and design.

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