Sphero indi Robot

The indi learning robot offers an unplugged programming experience with an on-board color sensor to help early learners understand cause and effect, pattern recognition, the basics of block coding, and abstraction—all while having fun!

The Science of Superpowers

The world of comic books is full of heroes, villains, challenges and triumphs — and the heroes need help! Ready to see just what it takes to be super? In this enrichment program from PCS Edventures!, students answer the call for aid by dissecting superhero skill-sets to uncover the science behind super powers.

Sphero BOLT

With a striking LED matrix and advanced sensors, the Sphero BOLT app-enabled robot provides endless opportunities to be creative and have fun while learning.

Now includes ramps, rails, and chariots!


Cubetto is the friendly wooden robot that teaches children the basics of computer programming through adventure and hands on play. Children learn fundamental concepts behind programming without using literacy or screens.


Explore the concepts of virtual reality and augmented reality using the MERGE AR/VR Headset, MERGE Cube, and AR/VR apps installed on the included smartphones. Updated with new devices and apps!

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