Behind the Little Red Door Social-Emotional Activity Kit

Behind the Little Red Door Social-Emotional Activity Kit contents

Coy Bowles, author and member of the Grammy Award-winning Zac Brown Band, promotes social-emotional competence, creativity and storytelling with an all-in-one kit based on his new book, Behind the Little Red Door. Featuring beautiful illustrations and lighthearted rhymes, the book shows what might be behind an intriguing red door—from a field of red flying foxes to a room that’s upside down. Kids discover it could be anything…if they just use their imaginations! The kit is packed with engaging materials, including a CD featuring 10 original songs written and performed by Coy himself.

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Age Range

3 - 6 years.  |  Pre-K - 1st grade



  • Behind the Little Red Door book by Coy Bowles
  • 6 Moods and Emotions Books by Summer Jackson
    • I Feel Angry
    • I Feel Happy
    • I Feel Proud
    • I Feel Sad
    • I Feel Scared
    • I Feel Shy
  • Music for Tiny Humans CD (Preview the songs at
    • Songs also available on flash drive
  • 20 Activity Cards
  • 15 Emotions Match Puzzles
  • 4 Mix & Match Animals
  • Storytelling Set
    • Door Story Character
    • 10 Facial Features
    • 25 Storytelling Pieces
    • 5 Scene Cards
  • Resources Binder


This Early Literacy Kit was made possible in part by the Institute of Museum and Library Services.