World Music

Take children on a multicultural musical journey begins with easy-to play rhythm instruments handmade by artisans in Africa, South America, and the South Pacific. The instruments were chosen for their distinct sound that help create interesting music and encourage listening and playing together.

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Age Range

3+  |  Pre-K+



  • 20 world instruments
    • Fire-Burned Gourd Double Drum & Stick (made in Peru)
    • Damasas Paddle Drum & Stick
    • Den Den Drum
    • 2 Damaru Drums
    • Small Caxixi (ka-SHI-shi) Shaker
    • Caxixi (ka-SHI-shi) Bottle Cap Shaker
    • Wingo Egg Shaker
    • Mini Gourd Shaker
    • 1 Pair of Maracas
    • JuJu Nut Belt Shaker
    • 1 Pair of Ankle Bells
    • Small Frog Rasp Scraper & Stick
    • Gourd Güiro Scraper & Stick
    • Wooden Güiro Scraper & Stick
    • Rap Stick
    • 2 Coconut Clave Rhythm Sticks – 6"
    • Chilean Rain Stick – 29"
    • Agogo Bell & Mallet
    • Chinese Gong & Mallet – 6"
  • Instructional DVD explaining each instrument
  • Instruments and Music from Around the World – Set of 6 paperback books
    • Brass
    • Keyboards
    • Percussion
    • Strings
    • Voices
    • Woodwind
  • Resource Binder


Damasas Paddle Drum & Stick

Sturdy double sided simple drum resembling a lollypop. Made in Peru.


Den Den Drum

Made in India

Den Den Drum 


Damaru Drums

Made in India

two damaru drums

Fire-Burned Gourd Double Drum & Stick

Double drum featuring goat skin hide on two sides. Gourd fire burn design is an ancient art form. Made in Peru.


Caxixi Shaker

Natural grass and dyed grass are woven together to form the sides and the bottom is formed with a piece of gourd. The stones within create interesting rhythms when shaken. Made in Ghana.


Caxixi Bottle Cap Shaker

The metal bottle caps in the caxixi (ka-SHI-shi) bottle cap shaker produces a jingle-type sound instead of the standard sandy, seed sound. The caxixi is played by holding the handle in one hand and shaking, or by hitting against the other hand, like a tambourine. Made in Ghana


Wingo Egg Shaker

From the Wingo tree, this nut is cleaned, dried, and filled with beans. Each is hand carved in the Shipibo tribe motif. Made in Peru.


JuJu Nut Belt Shaker

Finely woven raffia and Juju nut rattles. Made in Ghana.


Mini Gourd Shaker

This all natural gourd shaker is from a village famous for carved fire-burned designs. Made in Peru



Made in Mexico

two maracas

Ankle Bells

Made in India

pair of ankle bells


Frog Scaper & Stick

This carved frog is made from fast growing jempinis wood in Bali. Stroke the spiny back with the stick's large end for the best sound. Made in Indonesia


Gourd Güiro Scraper & Stick

The natural gourd guiro features ridges that are carved by hand one-by-one.


Wooden Güiro Scraper & Stick

Made in Mexico

wooden guiro and stick


Rap Stick

Made in USA

Rap Stick 


Coconut Clave Rhythm Sticks

Pair of sustainably harvested medium-hardwood clave rhythm sticks from coconut palm tree farms. Made in Indonesia


Chilean Rain Stick

Northern Chile is home to the world's driest desert, where the rain stick is believed to originate. Rain Sticks are made from long, hollow cactus tubes that were dried in the sun. Made in Chile

 Chilean rain stick


Agogo Bell

Made in India

agogo bell and mallet


Chinese Gong

The 3-piece set includes a 6" gong, a 10" mallet and a 10" stand. Made in China

Chinese Gong on a stand with a mallet


This Early Literacy Kit was made possible in part by the Institute of Museum and Library Services.