Dog Reminiscence Collection

The Dog Reminiscence Collection by MEternally brings out the dog lover in us all. With their sad eyes and wagging tails they make our hearts melt. From sleepy dogs, to the everyday dog chores, tricks, and playtime it is no wonder they are called man's best friend. Relax to the music and signs of dogs of all ages that are resting or sleeping, and find joy in the mix of so many different breeds with their variety of colors, sizes and character traits.

The DVD contains a mix of approximately 50 high quality photographs, videos and background music with an average 17.5 second refresh rate while fading to the next picture or video. The automatic continuous looping allows you to utilize the DVD in unattended mode in a lobby, multipurpose, recreation, activity room or anywhere you have a DVD Player. Total DVD play time is 1:48:08 and contents include:

  1. Sleepy Dogs (21:03m)
  2. Dogs (23:07m)
  3. Puppies (21:40m)
  4. Doggie Play (19:38m)
  5. Bonus dog mix video (23:00m)

Photo cards accompanies the DVD and can be used independently from the DVD. The set includes 32 double sided photo cards. In addition to the 32 photo cards, the kit includes 8 companion activity cards featuring activity options, Q&A, trivia, and conversation starting ideas for a total of 16 activities.

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