Homemade Floam Recipe

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Floam is an especially good material for children with different abilities. Some children are afraid to touch Floam because it is sticky and strange, and they are not used to it. The facilitator running the activity can focus on sensory and tactile senses with children who are less communicative. If children are unsure about touching the Floam, try making a ball of Floam and placing it on the back of their hands. When gently pressed, children feel a sensation that is different from the Floam texture on their skin. They often like the gentle pressure even if they don't like the texture, because the back of the hand is less sensitive.

When children do not want the ball put on the back of their hands, the facilitator can put the ball on the back of his or her hand and turn it into a spider or turtle. WIth the child's permission, the spider or turtle can walk onto their palm and tickle it gently. After this, the child might dare to touch the Floam. The facilitator can also make two Floam balls and place the dhild's hand in-bewteen, like a hamburger and tell the child that together they are making a hand sandwich. This uses pressure in different ways. The deep pressure is reassuring to some children with disabilities. Children who do not have much opportunity to touch the world because they cannot move skillfully often enjoy this interaction that brings the world to them.

bags of different colored homemade floam

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