Animal Science

Animal Science STEM Kit

As children explore and examine the fascinating science specimens, replicas, and x-rays in this kit, they’ll feel just like real scientists making incredible discoveries! With specimens from five different animal classes — mammals, birds, reptiles, insects, and sea life — this kit is a great introduction to zoology.

*Two kits available

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Age Range

4+  |  Pre-K+


  • Hands-On Science Specimen Centers by Lakeshore Learning (see details below)
    • Birds
    • Insects
    • Mammals
    • Reptiles
    • Sea Life
  • Animal X-Ray Set
    • 14 X-rays
    • 14 Reference pictures
    • Teacher/parent guide
  • Guess in 10 Trivia Game by Animal Planet
    • 2 - 6 players or 2 teams
    • Ages 6+
  • 3 Books
    • Animal Encyclopedia by Dr. Lucy Spelman (National Geographic)
    • Animal! The Animal Kingdom as You've Never Seen it Before by John Woodward (Smithsonian)
    • Bones: An Inside Look at the Animal Kingdom by Jules Howard, illustrated by Chervelle Fryer
  • 11 Ohio Division of Wildlife Field Guides
    • Amphibians of Ohio
    • Butterflies & Skippers of Ohio
    • Common Bees & Wasps of Ohio
    • Freshwater Snails of Ohio
    • Mammals of Ohio
    • Millipedes of Ohio
    • Owls of Ohio
    • Raptors of Ohio
    • Sport Fish of Ohio
    • Warblers of Ohio
    • Waterbirds of Ohio


Mammals Specimen Center

Mammals Specimen Center contents


  • Beaver skull replica
  • Hippo tooth replica
  • Bear claw replica
  • Bobcat tracks fossil replica
  • Fruit bat x-ray
  • 5 Photo cards with facts
  • Magnifier


Birds Specimen Center

Birds Specimen Center contents


  • Owl skull replica
  • Peacock feather
  • Sparrow nest replica
  • Crow tracks fossil replica
  • Falcon x-ray
  • 5 Photo cards with facts
  • Magnifier


Insects Specimen Center

Insects Specimen Center contents


  • Laminated butterfly
  • Dragonfly fossil replica
  • Stag beetle in acrylic
  • Silkworm cocoon in acrylic
  • Honeycomb
  • 5 Photo cards with facts
  • Magnifier


Reptiles Specimen Center

Reptiles Specimen Center contents


  • Crocodile tooth replica
  • Snapping turtle shell replica
  • Iguana skull replica
  • Lizard fossil replica
  • Rattlesnake x-ray
  • 5 Photo cards with facts
  • Magnifier


Sea Life Specimen Center

Sea Life Specimen Center contents


  • Sea sponge
  • Sea star
  • Stingray jaw replica
  • Piranha fossil replica
  • Shark tooth replica
  • 5 Photo cards with facts
  • Magnifier


Guess in 10 Trivia Game by Animal Planet

Guess in 10 is all about asking intelligent questions to guess what's shown on the game cards. Think hard, ask questions whose answers are either "Yes" or "No", use your clues wisely, and be the first player or team to win 7 game cards! This game is for ages 6+ and can be played with 2-6 players.

Game contents:

  • 50 Game cards
  • 6 Clue cards
  • Instruction Manual


This STEM Kit was made possible in part by the Institute of Museum and Library Services.


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