Botley the coding robot STEM Kit contents

Learn early STEM skills through play with Botley the Coding Robot. Botley teaches the basics of coding through active play and promotes critical thinking and problem solving skills. Some of Botley's fun, interactive features include detecting and moving around objects, following looping commands, navigating obstacle courses, and following black lines; there are even additional hidden features to unlock!

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Age Range

5+  |  Kindergarten+



  • Botley the Coding Robot
  • Remote programmer
  • Detachable robot arts
  • 40 Coding cards
  • 6 Double-sided tiles
  • 27 Obstacle building pieces
  • Resource Binder
    • Learning Resources Classroom Coding Activities – Beginner Level
      • Teach Botley to Play a Game – Teach Botley to play Slides & Ladders to learn about sequences.
      • Teach Botley to Draw a Shape – Introduce sequences, loops and debugging to early coders by programming Botley to follow basic shape paths.
      • Botley Lesson Plan – This Botley lesson plan will help students compare weights, distances and forces of an object. The lesson plan also teaches students how to record and graph the data from their coding experiments.
    • Learning Resources Classroom Coding Activities – Advanced Level
      • Teach Botley How to Get Home – Help teach Botley how to get home while teaching students about Sequences, Loops, and Positional Language.
      • Teach Botley to Pick Up Litter – Code botley to pick up litter to teach students about Sequences, Loops, and Conditionals.
      • Teach Botley to Find Gold – Teach Botley to find gold and learn about sequences, loops and conditionals along the way.
      • Help Botley to Explore a Coordinate Grid – Use Botley to develop programs with sequences and simple loops, to express ideas or address a problem.
      • Teach Botley How to Spell – In this activity, Botley helps students build multiple skills as they spell out their favorite words while simultaneously learning the language of coding. 
      • Help Botley Deliver Pizza – Help Botley deliver pizza. Teach your little coders about sequences, efficiency, engineering and debugging through this fun printable activity.
      • Help Botley Draw Shapes on a Coordinate Grid – Help Botley draw shapes on a coordinate grid. This activity will help teach using sequences and simple loops, to express ideas or address a problem.


This STEM Kit was made possible in part by the Institute of Museum and Library Services.


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