Code-a-Pillar coding toy STEM Kit contents

This unique caterpillar features easy-to-connect segments that preschoolers can arrange and rearrange to "tell" the toy how to move: forward, left, right, wiggle, dance, or even wait for a couple seconds before moving again. When children connect the segments to make Code-a-Pillar move, that's sequencing! When they build a sequence that will create a path for Code-a-Pillar to reach a target, that's programming (and problem solving, too)!

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Age Range

3 - 6 yrs  |  Preschool - Kindergarten



  • 2 Motorized Heads – features lights, sounds, and blinking eyes (4 AA batteries installed)
  • 18 Segments
    • Forward (8)
    • 90º Left Turn (6)
    • 90º Right Turn (6)
    • 45º Right Turn (1)
    • 180º Left Turn (1)
    • 360º Right Turn (1)
    • Repeat (1)
    • Happy (2)
    • Wacky (2)
    • Fun (2)
    • Sleepy ZZZs (2)
  • 4 Targets
  • Resource Binder


Additional Resources Available Online

  • Code-a-Pillar App
    Code-a-Pillar App Icon  
    Help Code-a-Pillar map out a path to get out of the maze or count how many leaves you feed him to fuel up for his next adventure. Code-a-Pillar will play in all kinds of ways wherever you take him—he’s ready for adventure.

    *Code-a-Pillar robot operates independently of the app.


This STEM Kit was made possible in part by the Institute of Museum and Library Services.



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