littleBits Code Kit

littleBits are electronic building blocks – called Bits – that snap together with magnets to create circuits. Each Bit is color-coded by its function (power, input, output, and logic) in the circuit, providing a simple and intuitive user experience. In addition, all Bits are compatible with each other, allowing countless creative possibilites.

This code-based learning kit contains three littleBits Code Kits for a total of 60 Bits, 78 accessories, free desktop app, and online tutorials, handouts, and tips and tricks pages. Whether working alone or in small groups of 2-3, kids will be engaged in computational thinking through building circuits and programming. They will get a hands-on understanding of "what's inside the machine" and how it connects to the software.

*Computers are required to run the free desktop app. Download the free desktop app at

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Age Range

3rd - 8th Grade

*Choking Hazard – Not for children ages 0-3




Online Resources Available Online

  • Free Desktop App Download
  • Teacher Tools
    • Implementation Checklist (included in Resource Binder)
    • Introduction: Hello World – Explore little Bits basics and inventing with the Code Kit app.
    • Tutorial 1: Inputs and Outputs – Use inputs and outputs to control image, sound, and motion.
    • Tutorial 2: Loops – Use loops to make animations.
    • Tutorial 3: Logic – Use conditional logic to program rules into games.
    • Tutorial 4: Variables – Create and use image, number, and coordinates variables.
    • Tutorial 5: Functions – Create unique code blocks to level-up a game.
    • Invention 1: Ultimate Shootout – Create and code a score tracking game.
    • Invention 2: Hot Potato...of Doom! – Put a new spin on a traditional game.
    • Invention 3: Rockstar Guitar – Create an easy-to-use instrument.
    • Invention 4: Tug of War – Improve a dynamic 2-player game with functions
    • Challenge: Change the World Arcade – Design a game to tackle a community issue.
  • Code Kit Tools: Handouts
    • Debugging Checklist – Reference sheet for fixing your connection, circuit, or code. (included in Resource Binder)
    • Code Master Workbook – Student log and assessment tool that supports the Code Tutorials.
    • Code Kit Invention Log – Student log and assessment tool that supports the Invention Cycle.
    • Feedback Chart – Framework for providing constructive peer-to-peer feedback.
    • Pixel Art Template – Save time by drafting image ideas for the LED matrix here. (included in Resource Binder)
    • Code Certificate – Celebrate accomplishments with this customizable certificate.
    • Kit Organization Diagram – Reference sheet for storing the Bits and accessories in your Kit. (included in Resource Binder)
  • Debugging Code Kit


Convenient Storage

All Bits and accessories are organized into a tackle box.



This STEM Kit was made possible in part by the Institute of Museum and Library Services.


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