MERGE AR/VR STEM Kit contents

Explore the concepts of virtual reality and augmented reality using the MERGE AR/VR Headset, MERGE Cube, and AR/VR apps installed on the included smartphones.

Experiencing virtual reality is easy with the MERGE Headset. Simply choose a VR app or select a 360° VR experience from NORWELD's YouTube VR playlist, slide the smartphone into the MERGE Headset, and be transported to new worlds. The flexible foam design and adjustable lenses make these headsets ideal for children, teens, and adults.

To experience augmented reality, choose one of the many AR apps, focus the smartphone on one of the MERGE Cubes, and watch the Cube transform before your eyes. Control holograms in the palm of your hand simply by turning the Cube and interacting with the app on the smartphone. You can even view the MERGE Cube through the MERGE Headset for a mixed reality experience. 

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  • 8 Merge AR/VR Headsets
  • 8 Merge Cubes
  • 8 iPhone® SE (3rd generation) phones with apps installed
  • 120W 10-port USB charger and charging cables
  • 8 Lens cleaning cloths
  • 8 Plastic mobile device stands for use with Merge Cubes
  • 6 AR Books
    • iDinosaur
    • iSolar System (2 copies)
    • Predators (iExplore)
    • Extinct Animals (iExplore)
    • Micro Monsters (iExplore)
  • Resource Binder
    • Merge Getting Started Guide
    • Merge Headset FAQ sheet
    • Merge Cube FAQ sheet
    • Merge Headset Health and Safety Information


Additional Resources Available Online


AR Apps for Merge Cube

The following apps for Merge Cube are installed on the iPhones included in this kit.

  • 3D Museum Viewer / MERGE Cube
  • AnatomyAR+ for MERGE Cube
  • CellulAR for MERGE Cube
  • Cube Conquest for MERGE Cube
  • Dig! for MERGE Cube
  • Galactic Explorer / MERGE Cube
  • Merge Object Viewer
  • Moment AR
  • Mr. Body for MERGE Cube
  • TH!NGS for MERGE Cube
  • Tiltball for MERGE Cube


VR Apps for Merge Headset


AR Apps for iPhone


AR Apps for Books

  • Extinct Animals iExplore AR
  • iDinosaurAR
  • iSolarSystemAR
  • Micro Monsters iExplore AR
  • Predators iExplore AR


360° VR Videos – YouTube Playlist

Open the 360° VR Videos YouTube playlist on the smartphones included in this kit, locate and tap the icon pictured below.

NORWELD 360 degree VR Videos YouTube Playlist shortcut icon

NOTE: This is a shortcut icon. Tapping on the icon will initiate a sequence of commands that will result in NORWELD's 360° VR Videos playlist opening in the YouTube app.


This STEM Kit was made possible in part by the Institute of Museum and Library Services.


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