Snap Circuits 2

Snap Circuits 2 STEM Kit contents

Snap Circuits® teaches basic engineering, electronics, and circuitry concepts by using building components with snaps to assemble electronic circuits on a simple “rows-and-columns” base grid. The resulting projects function like the printed circuit board found in most electronic products. Each Snap Circuits® part is easily identifiable by a different color and purpose, and each kit includes an easy-to-follow project manual.

*Two kits available

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Age Range




  • 1 Snap Circuits BRIC Structures kit
  • 1 Snap Circuits 3D M.E.G. (Magnetics-Electronics-Gears) kit
  • 1 Snap Circuits Light kit
  • Resource Binder

See detailed descriptions of each Snap Circuit kit below.


Snap Circuits BRIC Structures

Kids can use their imagination to combine Snap Circuits with ordinary building bricks and make endless combinations of construction and circuitry. With Bric-2-Snap technology, kids can wire up their brick builds with Snap Circuits® lights, sounds, moving parts and 3-D circuits to invent almost anything and make it go.


  • 20 Snap Circuits component parts
  • 75 Bric-2-Snap adapters
  • 140+ fully compatible building bricks
  • Full-color, easy-to-read project manual (included in kit and online)


Snap Circuits 3D M.E.G. (Magnetics-Electronics-Gears)

Learn the basis of electricity, engineering, and circuitry using building pieces that snap together to make realistic, 3D circuits, similar to those found in homes, electronic equipment and skyscrapers. Build a house with roof lights and ceiling fans while finding out how all the electric and mechanical functions work. Learn about rotating lights, security systems, how to vary speed of a fan, how to make motors run more efficiently, how switches can be controlled by magnets, how generators work and much more.


  • 60+ parts, including:
    • 3D rotating snaps
    • Two-sided base grid with thru-straps
    • Rotating mirror ball
    • Rotating LED light
    • Fiber optic tree
    • Multiple-sized gears
    • Ceiling fan
    • Melody IC
    • Magnetic switch
  • 160+ projects
  • Illustrated manual (included in kit and online)


Snap Circuits Light

Watch and be amazed at what your music can do with the new Snap Circuits® LIGHT.  Connect your iPhone® or other device and enjoy your music as the lights change to the beat. The strobe light with spinning patterns will amaze you with its visual effects.

Contents include:

  • 55+ Snap-together parts
  • 175+ Projects
  • Color organ controlled by iPhone or other device, voice, or finger
  • Illustrated manual (included in kit and online)


This STEM Kit was made possible in part by the Institute of Museum and Library Services.


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