Program Resources

Browse through a variety of program ideas and resources contributed by librarians throughout Northwest Ohio.

Imagination Storytime This imagination themed storytime includes book recommendations, songs and rhymes, craft ideas, an app suggestion and an early literacy tip.
Imagine Your Story - Crazy Hair/Rapunzel Family Storytime This fairy tale themed storytime includes book recommendations, songs and rhymes, flannel story, and a Rapunzel's Castle craft instructions.
Imagine Your Story – Storytime for Preschool Age Children This Imagine Your Story storytime is targeted to preschool age children, includes books, songs, action rhymes, and fills 30 minutes.
Imagine Your Summer Take 2: Imagine Your Story and All Together Now Mash-up Imagine Your Story and All Together Now summer reading program themed books.
Inspired by Nature (Biomimicry) Lesson This lesson explores how plants and animals have amazing ways to solve problems and explains how biomimicry is when people solve problems with ideas from nature. Get free access to reading material, a waterproof shoe DIY activity instructions, and a lesson plan.
Jellyfish Puppet – Deep Sea Exploration Challenge Jellyfish have two different swimming styles. Some use jet propulsion and are typically shaped like a cylinder. Others are flatter and disc-shaped and use a paddling motion to swim. Your challenge is to create a jellyfish puppet in one of these shapes to show how they move.
Jump Like a Frog Activity Jump and measure how far you jump on different surfaces using a variety of jumping methods.
Make an Alien Challenge and Mad Lib (Fill-in-the-blank) Turn a volunteer into an alien using items provided. Then, complete the fill-in-the-blank story to describe the new alien.
Mermaids and Sea Monsters Ideas and Resources Mermaid and Sea Monster themed crafts, snacks, fine and gross motor skill activities, and book pairing ideas.
Moon Preschool Story Time This moon themed storytime includes book recommendations and suggestions for rhymes and songs.