Program Resources

Browse through a variety of program ideas and resources contributed by librarians throughout Northwest Ohio.

Homemade Floam Recipe Step-by-step instructions for making homemade Floam and recommendations for use with children of differing abilities.
Homemade Shaker Eggs Step-by-step instructions for creating shaker eggs out of plastic eggs and dried lentils or split peas.
Homeward Bound Interactive Movie Script This interactive movie script outlines audience actions for scenes throughout Disney's Homeward Bound: The Incredible Journey.
How Biodiverse is Your Backyard? In this science activity, you will investigate the diversity (or biodiversity) of the animal life around your home and try to figure out which phylum most of the animals belong to.
How Do Arctic Animals Stay Warm? In this activity, children will learn about how animals take on "winter coats" to stay warm.
How Fish Sink and Float In this activity, you will learn how fish use their swim bladder to stay buoyant under water.
How to Make Balloon Animals Step-by-step video and print instructions for making simple balloon animals.
How to Make Fish Tessellations with Sticky Notes Learn about tessellations by combining math and creative coloring in this fish-themed project. Instructions included online.
I Am Invited to a Party! – Elephant & Piggie Puppet Show Script Puppet show script for I Am Invited to a Party!" by Mo Willems.
I Like You a Bot (Robot Theme Storytime Ideas) This robot themed storytime includes book recommendations, flannel board ideas, songs and rhymes, and app suggestions.