Program Resources

Browse through a variety of program ideas and resources contributed by librarians throughout Northwest Ohio.

Toddler Storytime for Summer Reading "A Universe of Stories"

This space themed toddler storytime includes book recommendations, songs and rhymes, and a craft exploring the concepts of up and down.

Trunks, Snouts, Heffalumps, and Woozles

Trunks, snouts, heffalumps, and woozles themed storytime ideas.

Under the Sea Ideas and Resources

A wide variety of resources for Fish and Under the Sea themed activities, songs, rhymes, crafts, and books.

Water Vessels and Transportation Ideas and Resources

A variety of Water Transportation themed resources including book lists, crafts, STEM activities, and songs.

We Are All Storytellers Handout

Information about storytelling including tips and tricks to help you become a captivating storyteller.

Worm Observation

Find out what earthworms eating and burrowing habits are by filling a pot with moist dirt, adding a few worms, and observing the worms to find out.

X-Ray Exploration

Learn about animals from the inside out! Match X-ray images of skeletons to their animal counterparts, and then create a new skeleton of your own design!