Program Resources

Browse through a variety of program ideas and resources contributed by librarians throughout Northwest Ohio. Have a resource you would like to share? Email a brief description along with a copy and/or link to Erica Pax, Emerging Technologies Educator at

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This is Not My Hat – Puppet Show Script

Puppet show script adapted from the book This is Not My Hat by Jon Klassen.

Tin Foil Mermaid Tail

Instructions for making a colorful mermaid tail out of tin foil.

Toddler Storytime for Summer Reading "A Universe of Stories"

This space themed toddler storytime includes book recommendations, songs and rhymes, and a craft exploring the concepts of up and down.

Under the Sea Ideas and Resources

A wide variety of resources for Fish and Under the Sea themed activities, songs, rhymes, crafts, and books.

Water Vessels and Transportation Ideas and Resources

A variety of Water Transportation themed resources including book lists, crafts, STEM activities, and songs.

We Are All Storytellers Handout

Information about storytelling including tips and tricks to help you become a captivating storyteller.

Worm Observation

Find out what earthworms eating and burrowing habits are by filling a pot with moist dirt, adding a few worms, and observing the worms to find out.

X-Ray Exploration

Learn about animals from the inside out! Match X-ray images of skeletons to their animal counterparts, and then create a new skeleton of your own design!